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10 Meter Rifle Match Report

November 21st, 2014




Best turnout yet for our third match with 13 shooters that participated in the 10 Meter Rifle match on Nov 21, 2014. The match ran two relays of 6 rounds. A 60 shot match. The match started about 6:00 pm and ended about 7:45 pm. 


The match is separated into two classes, STANDARD CLASS ( 18 yrs and older )  and JUNIORS ( 17 and younger ). Standard class shoot 2 shots per target. Five targets per round. Total 10 shots per 10 minute round. Six rounds for a 60 shot match. Juniors shoot 1 shot per target. 10 targets per 10 minute round. This format works best for juniors as they prepare for major sanctioned matches.


First I want to comment on the scoring. This match was scored using a software decimal setting. This was un-intentional. Thus, no X's were identified. So, the match report shows only those X's that were marked on the score sheets turned in at the end of the match. This is where I highly suggest that score sheets be filled out completely and turned in.


So, moving on, for first place in the standard class was Mark Bouchard with 522.7. Second place in standard class went to Allen Surratt with 520.2. Third place in standard class went to John Lenio with 476.2. First place Junior was Alex Sablonowski with a whopping 593.5.  Alex sure gives the adults a goal to strive for. Its great having the Juniors participate. I see this class growing. A great evening of shooting and personal achievements. Congratulations to all the shooters. Thanks to all that participated and helped clean up.


Just a reminder for Friday night matches, please try to sign in no later than 5:45 pm to allow sufficient time to prepare targets and labels for electronic scoring. Please call 623.703.1601 or 480.577.9344 in advance if your running late. We can have the targets ready for your arrival.


See the attached file for all the stats. The next 10m Rifle match will be on Friday., Dec 19, 2014 starting practice at 5:00 pm and match at 6:00 pm. Location is the training center building.


Happy Turkey day to all ! See ya at the next match.




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