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  Benchrest Match Report

December 7th, 2013




The day started with temps in the upper 30s, and soared into the 60s with clear blue skies and a mild breeze. We did one relay and three matches, and had some new members. One shooter brought his wife to shoot for the first time and she actually did really well!  Sorry no pictures this month :( 

Scoring was done this time in between relays, and we actually finished our 3 card match around 1130!  Very quickly done!  Some of our usual club officials were not there to assist, but with the new scoring system it still went as smooth as silk!  At this match we discussed the regulations on one piece rests.  For more specific info on that click here.

We fielded many questions regarding the Nationals, and State, and interest levels are at a all time high! 

See you next month with all those new gifts! 


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