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 BR Silhouette Match Report

September 20th, 2014




The Bench-rest Silhouette match on Sept 20th, 2014 had 6 shooters participate. The match started pretty much on time. About 1:00 pm. Ended about 3:00 pm. It was a hot and somewhat windy day. The event went smoothly nevertheless. Had a shoot off to break a tie. More on this below. Simply a great time by all. Thanks to all that helped set-up and cleanup. 

There were entries in all classes. First place Standard class went to Larry Cofeild with 36 knockdowns out of 40. Great shooting. Second place went to Allen Surratt very close behind with 35 knockdowns. Third place went to David Bayer with 32 knockdowns. Great shooting with a 17 cal. First place Springer class was Warren Bissonnette with 20 knockdowns. Awesome shooting. 

There was a tie for first place in the Extreme class between the hard to beat Mark Buchanan and first time BR Silo shooter David Shephard. Each with with 26 knockdowns. So it was decided to have a shoot off. This is where the fun began. It was decided to allow cheering and jeering during the shoot off. Each shooter was asked who was willing to shoot first. So, David Shephard in Marine style said he would. So, the stage was set the crowd went wild and David took his first shot at the 1/5 scale turkeys at 77 meters. IT WAS A KNOCKDOWN !  Now it was Mark's turn. Again the stage was set the crowd went wild and Mark took his shot. Unbelievably it was a miss. So the tie ended quickly with David Shephard the 1st place winner. Congratulations Dave. Great fun by all.   







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