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Small Bore Range

Qualification Process

Airgun Division Endorsement Criteria 

Rio Salado offers the opportunity to be able to use the Small Bore Range outside of matches for members that meet Division criteria for endorsement. 


This entitles you to use the range unsupervised at any time during range hours for practice when a match is not in progress.  

After participating in TEN (10) Airgun Division matches on the Small Bore range, you are eligible to be checked off to use the range.   Actual demonstration of gun and range safety is required before endorsement.  

You will need to keep track of your matches via the check-off form (with appropriate signatures), then inform the Division Director you have met the criteria.  

You are responsible for knowing ALL safety and etiquette rules of the Small Bore range before endorsement.  

Criteria for being “Qualified” for use of the Small Bore Range outside of competition, is for practice use.

Being qualified for use on the Small Bore Range (at this time) is a lifetime privilege. It is earned and not given. It may be revoked if you demonstrate reckless disregard for the rules.


The primary purpose of the use of ancillary ranges as set by the Board of Directors of Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club, allows you to practice for the competitions of the Division you participate with. For example, if you are cleared on SB by the Airgun Division, this does not allow you to teach shotgun clays on SB. It allows you to practice for Airgun Competitions.  


The primary criteria for the trial evaluation period is as follows:


- To observe your safety habits

- Observe your ability to follow direction

- To evaluate your ability to self supervise while on the range unattended


If you are found not complying with the range rules, you may jeopardize this privilege.  When these situations arise, range staff notifies the Division Director who is responsible for counseling.  Range Staff may revoke these privileges as deemed necessary, and may require review of the Rio Salado Board of Directors for reinstatement.   


The Airgun Division’s Criteria is as follows:


Here are the steps:

  1. ​Become a member of Rio Salado Sportsman's Club

  2. Obtain a Range Check-off form from the Match Director.

  3. Shoot 10 (TEN) Competition Matches on the Small Bore Range

    • Two matches completed in one day may only count as one endorsement     

    • The Airgun division currently has three match days per month on Small Bore Range, so getting the 10 matches shouldn’t take long

    • Scheduled Practice Sessions may only count to up to 2 (TWO) competitions.

  4. Have the Match Director sign on the reverse side of the form at every match.

  5. Must shoot at least 8( plus two practice sessions ) matches with the Airgun Match Director Present.

  6. Review the Rules Here .

  7. Take the Safety Test (Click button below to take the test)  Must complete (at any time) before being qualified. 

  8. Take completed qualification form with Division Director's signature to the Activity Center Office. Pay $1.00 fee for a new badge. 

Participation in airgun matches that are not located on the Small Bore range do not qualify. i.e. 10 Meter Indoor, Field Target

We understand many shooters come to our division with vast levels of experience.  Please understand that ALL members are required to go through the same process in order to meet qualification standards regardless of experience.  

Upon qualification, please remember that you will be stewards of this range. Your actions and behaviors are expected to display the highest standards. Shooters will observe your example for guidance.  The leadership of Rio Salado will look to you, to set that example. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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