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  50 Yard Benchrest Match                     Report

February 21st, 2016




The "AIR" was hard to read! I did say "AIR" not wind! The wind or breeze no "AIR MOVEMENT" frustrated all of us. We had horrible gust's of about 1/2 to 1 mph. Nothing got blown off the tables, hats stayed on our heads, but I think a lot of us felt like throwing the pellets instead of shooting them.

Ok here we go! The first 50 yard Air Rifle Bench rest Match. We had a good turnout of 19 shooters. Let me start by thanking all of you including Monica Hartsoch and Linda Koch. Linda with her lightning feet helped collect our targets at the end of each relay and Monica for her help with scoring. I just hope Monica got to see a proud Grandpa coaching their Grandson (Karter) in his first Air Rifle Bench Rest Match. Karter shot a consistent 190, 190 and 189 (569, 4 X)) for second place in the Jr. division. I think I saw a proud Grandpa out there. Keyon Beyrami took first with a 592 (6 X). By the way, Karter confided to his Grandpa that he prefers pistols. Don't worry Karter, so do I! Your Grandpa and I have been having a pretty good go at each other on Wednesday Nights Bulls Eye matches.

In Open Class congratulations to Mark Buchanan with a first place score of 673 (11 X), second place is Allen Surratt with a 662 (11 X) and third place is Dave Litt just 1 down from Allen with a 661 (14 X).

Heavy varmint only had two shooters! First place went to Michael Schlesinger with a 652 (9 X) and second went to myself, Captain Picard down by 2 with a 650 (13 X). "I wish those X's were worth more, what about you Dave?"

Springer class also only had two shooters with Mark Evans taking first with a 322 and Gary Moore taking 2nd with a 152.


See you all at the next match.

Andrew C Picard
Match Director for 50 yard Air Rifle Bench Rest


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