Match Targets

Official 25 Meter Target
Orion Right & Left 25 Meter Target
Official 50 Yard Target
Orion Right & Left 50 Yard Target
Official 100 Meter "Phoenix" Target
Official 75 Yard Target

We use the highest quality premium Kruger paper for our

10m, 25m,and 50y matches 

All Targets are made from 210 gram board short-fiber raw materials. Exceeding National, and International Standards for competition. 

Practice Targets

9 & 10 Ring for 25M Practice
Practice 25 Meter Target
Use at 45 degree angle to assess DOF
Optical Focusing Aids
Optical Focusing Aids
Field Targets
Field Target Practice Targets
Target circle is minimum legal diameter for stated distance
FT Sight in Tool D.jpg
Field Target Scope & Pellet-Drop Calibration Targets
Use to set up your scope for Field Target