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Air Cylinder Filling

Club Air Compressor
Chuck Filling Tanks

Air Filling Services

Air cylinder refilling services are available after matches when an Air Technician is available.  Please advise the Match Director at the event, that you are requesting filling services. They will direct you to the appropriate person. 


  • There is no charge for refills for Rio Salado Sportsman's Club members. 

  • Non-members will be charged $10 cash per cylinder except as noted for special events 

  • If our air services are not available, AoA offers refills for $15 per fill


At Rio Salado, we offer complimentary fills at our major flagship airgun events. 

There are a few rules we are required to adhere to: 

  • All cylinders must be in good condition before filling.

  • Tanks are required to be hydrostatically tested every FIVE years

  • The tank may not be greater than FIFTEEN years old from the date of manufacture listed.

  • We are unable to fill expired tanks; there are NO exceptions.

  • Air is NOT to be used for breathing purposes. 

  • SCUBA tanks may be filled. However, they may not be used for diving purposes with the air provided, as the fill-air may be contaminated. 

  • The Air Technician reserves the right to decline filling services for any reason. 

  • Rio Salado is not responsible for any damage to your tank or any components that may occur during the filling process. 

  • Don't store your tank in the heat before filling to achieve optimum fill pressure.

  • The compressor has the ability to fill up to 4500 PSI.

  • Tanks that have a maximum fill of 3000 PSI may also be filled. 

  • Our compressor has the ability to fill four tanks simultaneously 

  • The average time to top-off the tank from 3000 to 4500 PSI is less than 10 minutes.

  • Filling tanks from empty require approximately 30 minutes. 

Click here for an interesting article about safety and Foster Fittings from Hard Air Magazine

Here is why it's necessary to test your tank

If your tank is expired, you may get it hydrostatically tested at:


Saguaro Dive and Sport Shop

908 E Impala Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: (877) 837-7637

Local: (480) 507-3988


4500 PSI tanks $55

El Mar Diving in Mesa

No longer accepts hydro testing of carbon fiber 4500 psi tanks for airgunners and paint ballers. 


All Safe Global (formerly Thunderbird Cylinder)

No longer provides services


Club Air Tanks

At matches, we have club air tanks available for use.  They are fitted with a universal Foster quick-release connector typically found on most airguns.  Some airguns require proprietary probes. We do not carry any probes to fit your rifle or pistol. 

If unfamiliar with the club tanks, please request assistance.  Our tanks may fill your airgun faster than expected, so use caution when filling. 

Foster Fitting on Club Tanks

We'd like to thank AoA and Daystate for their contribution to making this compressor a reality to our club.

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