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                                             Benchrest Silhouette Format and Rules


Match format and Rules:


1) NRA steel animals will be shot at 40 - 50 - 60 - 70 yds. NRA 1/5 scale animals will be setup at each distance. Each distance will have a  2- CHICKENS, 1- PIG, 1- TURKEY and 1- RAM. Total animals is 20 ea. (16 ea with 4 animals for Springers). Animals must be knocked DOWN. ( TURNED DOES NOT COUNT )

2) Competitors will shoot three 20 shot rounds (16 shots for Springers)  for a match total of 60 shots (48 shots for Springers)..

3) Competitors will shoot 20 animals (16 for Springers)  in 10 minutes. ONLY ONE SHOT per animal. 20 pellets (16 for Springers) will be placed on the benchtop prior to commence fire. ( NO SIGHTER SHOTS ALLOWED after commence fire ).

After start of match there will be NO practice shots unless allowed or directed by match director. You cannot shoot any pellets looking through your scope prior to commence fire for any reason. Dry fire may be permitted on request only. Any shots with pellets by a shooter prior to commence fire will be DQ’d for the round.

4) Match director or match official will check each shooter's pellet count prior to commence fire. 

5) Competitors may choose any bench available on a first come basis. Competitors will shoot off the same bench for the duration of the match.

6) Competitors will score the shooter next to them. Match director or match official will check each competitor's lane prior to resetting targets.


7) Ties maybe settled by first miss at CHICKENS ONLY at 70 yds. Shooters will continue shooting rounds until first miss. Ties will commence after end of all rounds.

8) Animals maybe shot in any order at shooter’s discretion.

9) Alibi: The term “alibi“ originated from NRA Silhouette rules. For Air Rifle Silhouette the term “alibi” is a request to makeup an unintended shot or downed animal. By shooter request an “alibi” may be allowed for the following reasons: Animals knocked down by cross fire, wind or rifle malfunction, rifle discharge without a pellet, etc. An “alibi” request must be approved by MD or match official(s) and witnessed by a score keeper. Each “alibi” may be shot at the end of the relay or at the discretion of the MD. A five minute time limit will apply. Points must be added to the score sheet before turning in.


 NOTE:  Ft-lb calculation:

(pellet weight) x (fps = feet per second) x (fps = feet per second) / 450240 = ft-lb energy

1) OPEN: Any air rifle up to 22 caliber. Power not to exceed 35 ft-lb (FPE). Any commercial pellet allowed. No slugs. No tethering.

2) UNLIMITED: Any air rifle up to 30 caliber. No power limit. ( at this time ). Any commercial pellet allowed. No slugs. Also, External tethering will be permitted for UNLIMITED class only.

3) SPRINGER: Any air rifle requiring air charging by a pumping action. ( Not PCP )



Rio Salado Sportsman's Club small bore range.




Members: $10.00


Non-member: $15.00


If you are interested in participating in any Air Gun matches please see the Air Gun division website.


ALSO, see the RSSC calendar found on the RSSC ( Rio Salado Sportsman's Club ) home page.


Air Gun Benchrest Silhouette match director

Phoenix Airgun Club

Air Gun Division



Silhouette Practice Target

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