Field Target



It's the second Saturday of the month. 

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7:00 am    Setup Volunteers welcome to come and assist in the setup of the range. Registration opens after setup is complete.


8:00 am    Registration Opens near the OETC Building. Parking will be at the Training Center lot, and overflow on the other side of the road.                          


9:30 am    Registration Closes You may Sight-in after you sign in. It is located behind the big building. 


10:00 am    Competition begins, immediately after lane assignments and safety briefing. 


Here at this range, our set up is a bit different than some are used to. We have 16 shooting stations. Each shooting station is roughly 12 ft x 12 ft. Within that area, the targets are visible from somewhere within that box. That’s your job as a hunter... to find it. Of course, it’s easy to follow the string. But, both the targets may not be visible from one spot or position. Yes, it may take some greater effort, but it adds to the variability of the match. The great part, is that there is no need to declare a Forced Position. You’ll discover it with whatever means is necessary to take the shot. 



Competition fees:

Rio Salado Members: $10

Non Members: $15


Credit Cards Accepted






































Here is a summary of what you need to participate:



Your rifle must be less than 20 FPE. Most .177 caliber airguns fall in this category. 

This is crucial as to not damage the targets. 

If you have a .22 caliber, it must be <20 FPE, and be set at this level.

i.e. if you have a FX with adjustable setting it must be on the lowest setting, or custom tuned.  



IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOUR AIRGUN HAS AN EMPTY BREECH INDICATOR AT THIS RANGE. This will be enforced, especially when guns are carried in totes. These will be available, complementary. It is acceptable if you prefer to bring your own type.




Rio Salado Range Safety Rules



It is recommended that you use a scope that can range find from 10 to 55 yards. Side wheels do help. See classes for limitations. You will need to be able to sight in your point of impact from 10 to 55 yards. This is crucial for your success.  See the chart below for the sizes of the kill zones you will be shooting at these yards. 


Classes: there are Two main classes that are AAFTA Sanctioned: Hunter and Open for rifle. Unlimited class is a local class that we host.  Each has its own separate Spring sub-class. 


The major differences between the classes: 

Hunter class: you may use a seat (i.e. a bucket) to sit on, and shoot from shooting sticks (two-leg only, not tripod use).  The Maximum scope power in Hunter class can only be set to 16X (was 12x, changed in 2018) and you can’t "click" using your turrets.  You can only focus your scope to help you range find. Hold-overs are how you compensate for your pellet drop at distance. 


Open Class: you can have any power scope, and you can click for pellet drop compensation. 

Straps (Harnesses) are allowed, but your seat hight is limited to 6”, and no shooting sticks. See Links Below


Unlimited Class: (Also known as: OFC, Renegade, California class, ETC)  This is a Non-Sanctioned Class.  You can use a laser range finder, chair, tripod, gyroscope, underwater satellite phone, pretty much anything goes here.  Limited to <20 FPE. No armor piercing rounds, tracers, or depleted uranium. 




**Refer to the link below for the official rules!**


Official Rules:


You will need to sight your rifle in prior to competition day.  Here is a difficulty scale (Troyer Scale) for Rifle and Pistol that you can use for reference to practice the distances needed to pull off the shots. It goes without saying, the farther out the target, or the smaller the KZ hole, the greater the difficulty level.


Here are some practice targets to help you sight-in your rifle and figure out pellet drop at all the distances used in FT. 

Here are additional links to help you get started:         (dated, but it still a good resource)     click education


A resource for Tools to get you competitive for Field Target

Open Class Harnesses

Knee riser / Hamster 

Hamster  Knee Riser

Bum Bag  Bum Bags

High End Hunter Class Bum Bag

Shooting Sticks example

Scope knob marking software