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      50 Yard Benchrest Match                       Report 

April 17th, 2016




Gave Ray a big hug! Don't read anything into it. Ray, you didn't wear your salmon shirt! Ben looked a little worried when he got in the truck with me to get the target stands.

We had 20 shooters compared to our Inaugural two months ago with 13 shooters. I guess we have another successful Airgun Event. Thank you Ben for helping me with the target stands and handing out the targets while I applied the labels. A big thank you for Dave Litt handling registration and calling the line. And if I missed anyone who deserves recognition I just didn't see it as I was a bit distracted with the scoring, I thank you. Oh and I almost forgot! Mark Bouchard for all his insults and complaining and I still came out of this unscathed. Mark, your slipping! I expect bigger and better next time! 

Slight chill during early morning setup but by the time the match started (a little late - my bad) the temperature was comfortable. As for the wind, what can I say! FRUSTRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had two sighters that hit score zones and they were not 10's! The words I murmured were not to be repeated out loud but I was able to hear some LOUD murmuring down the line so I know I was not alone in the MURMURING department. Scoring was more of a challenge than usual.

In the Open class Mark Buchanan took top spot with a 659 and 9 x's, Irwin Segerman just missed by 1 with a 658 and 12 x's. This was decided on the last card. Both shooters had a 217 on the first and a 216 on the second. The third Mark shot a 226 to edge out Irwin's 225. Third went to Dave Litt with a 652 and 10 x's.

In the HEAVY VARMINT class the Sly Queen of the Range in her first appearance in the 50 yard match (New to air rifles) Linda Koch took First place with a 552 and 5 x's destroying Michael Schlesinger's 537 and 3 x's and yours truly Andrew Picard's 516 and 1x. Linda I need to talk to your husband. No more guns for you.

Chuck Woosley was our only Springer entry and shot a very respectable 408 and 2 x's. My hat is off to you Chuck!

Keyon Beyrami was our only Junior with a very respectable 571 and 1 x putting him in the middle overall.

That's it for now. See you all Sunday May 15th!

Your surviving 50 yard Match Director,

Andrew C Picard

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