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  Benchrest Match Report

January 5th, 2013




Today we started the day off right with Ron and Kevin cooking the team a very welcome hot breakfast, complete with Starbucks coffee! 

This morning temps were in the mid 30’s and peaked out in the upper 50’s. We were challenged with a headwind at about an avg. 6-9 kts with gusts up to 13 kts. Even with those numbers, we scored pretty good!.

We shot two rounds of paper at 25 yards, then went to several rounds of 16 silhouettes from 25 to 50 yards, and then went to the Varmint Control where we challenged ourselves with a moving target at 75 yards (that was kindly donated by Kip at AoA!), and some knock down Field Targets at all kinds of ranges. (In anticipation of our friends at Field Target - Airgunners of Arizona, hosting the Field Target state championships in two weeks!)

All I can say is that today was nothing short of a fully packed day, with plenty of challenges! We welcomed many new participants, some just showed up to watch and learn.  One showed up so eager to shoot his new gun, he hand cut a 2x4 piece of wood to attach to his gun that was stockless when he bought it!  You might even see some new Flag-Bags custom made by3gungear!

See you next month!


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