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  Benchrest Match Report

January 4th, 2014




This month went very smoothly. Again we scored targets in between matches, and we were done around noon! 

We are certainly seeing a dramatic increase in scores as of late. In no part due to the calm breezes today, of course!  Jeeze,  as half of the country is freezing their butts off, I cant help but appreciate how lucky we have it here. Temps in the 70’s, again. 

At this match, Mark debuted the new prototype bench for the range. It was an extremely solid piece. Enviable to most tables. Stats and pics coming soon, once it gets painted. 

We had a great turnout as always.  

Next month, we are going to do something totally different... We will highlight springers. For February’s shoot, please bring your Spring piston rifle! We will shoot two Matches (cards). 

In addition, we will also shoot out to 50 Yards for your other classes as well. Again two cards. 

So a four card match total, two with your spring, and two with your other gun at 50 yards.


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