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  Benchrest Match Report

January 3rd, 2015




Yes never thought it would happen here.  It was cold.  Really cold.  Thirty three degrees in the morning cold.  I believe that scared some away, while others were still out of town.  There were two things going on here at the range in the moring.  We had a troop of boy scouts prepping the field target range, and our 25 and 100 meter match going on at the same time.  The numbers were a bit thin today, but some abstained from shooting to watch the construction project.

We are seeing some great improvements in some of the shooters, as are reflected by the scores.

Since today's shoot was the first official USARB Sanctioned Spring match, we had only two show, and our "usual spring advocate" sat out due to cold fingers.

Nobody reported frosbite.

Our new award pins arrived in time for this match.  Funds for the pins were donated by Airguns of Arizona.  Big thank you goes to them for contributing to the club.

We do owe some folks some award pins going a few months back.  If that's you, please let me, Dave, or Kerry know what we owe you and we will get them to you.

From here on out, we will be submitting our scores to the USARB Scorline.  This allows others to see our performance on the USARB site as well, and show participation in classes.


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