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  Benchrest Match Report

October 5th, 2013




This match was arguably the windiest conditions we have ever experienced!  Gusts up to 25 mph!!! Sustained easily at about 10 mph.  But yet again... the shooters prevailed.  We had a new walk up shooter (just happened to be the son of the owner of AoA, also bringing an ice chest of water bottles for the group. Thank you) who certainly demonstrated some great shooting technique and ranked well.  Today’s weather caused two cease fire calls... the first was a result of a target being ripped from it’s staples, and the second from two targets on heavy steel stands being blown over! What a rarity. I love it when you hear “I aimed right at the right target and got a bulls eye... in the bull to the left!!”  Everybody had different techniques at trying to master today’s fun. 

One of our own shooters, manufactures wind flags.  I think he struck a deal with the devil on his new completed batch for today’s shoot. 

But besides all the talk about the wind, the temp was perfect! We had some folks actually grab a fleece out! Already? Well eat you heart out if you are reading this and your wife is bugging you about shoveling that snow outside on the sidewalk.

Electronic scoring system update:  Progressing well!  we have received plenty of remarks about the accuracy!  Look forward to seeing you next month!


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