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  Benchrest Match Report

November 2nd, 2013




As the prime time of the year comes around, the usual discussion of the weather comes up. This month, gentle breezes again, but beautiful temperatures as expected in the mid 70’s!  See the link above for the details.

This month we welcomed guests from abroad, who joined us to shoot all the way from South America! The Venezuelan Benchrest Team showed considerable numbers in their scores, and were a pleasure to shoot with.

We had some of our best numbers this month for attendance. We did something a little different for relays. For this meet, we did our matches and times in-between relays to match what we are going to do in Green Valley next week for the Extreme. We moved quickly, planned everything down to the minute, and did a real time demonstration of our planned time schedule with success.  Thank you everyone for working with us to make this happen.  

What we are also seeing with our numbers, is the times taking a wee bit longer to get everyone registered in the morning.  Next month we will be starting registration early. Try and be there early to help with expediting this so we can start in a timely fashion.



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