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  Benchrest Match Report

November 1st, 2014




When it comes to Arizona, these are the days that make us grateful for being in the southwest.  Our match included 26 shooters for 25m and  today. Again many new faces! We had some shooters drive an hour and a half to join us. Spring gun is alive and well with several shooters competing. Unlimited as usual held the bulk of shooters. Hybrid showing a strong representation as well. This month’s Dirty Sock award goes to Mark Buchanan. In the beginning of third match, he comes over and whispers in my ear that he forgot to post his target due to excessive logorrhea. Amid jeers and cheers, he took the solo walk of shame to post his target subjecting himself to grand humility. But... in the end able to eek out a win in his class after the forgiveness of the other 25 shooters.  In spring class, Mark Bouchard took first. The most improved goes to John Lenio who took first in Hybrid class. Great shooting had by all.

The winds were as unpredictable as ever. Always fun. Gusting from 3-11mph

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