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  Benchrest Match Report

November 7th, 2015




Our match today was the kind of match you long for after a warm summer. The jackets come out, and yes, you get to wear those jeans. The last time those came out was somewhere back in March. Today’s weather can simply be described in one word as “windy”! Sustained winds were clocked at 12 mph, with gusts at 15 mph. Yes, you were holding over somewhere in the 4 point area! We had several targets that blew off their backers. So, after a couple of pauses we completed the match! The 100m match saw an outstanding record turnout. A surprising twist, a 22 cal won the 100m! So it shows you don’t need a big bore to compete… and win! 
We held our elections for President / Division Director. This was tabulated by Paul Biedler. Garrett ran unopposed, and accepted the position. 
Several updates were announced, including the status on the new airgun building, and that there is a Grand Opening on Sat and Sun Nov 21-22nd. There is a Swap meet planned for those two days. Airgun is to have a table there showcasing what we do. All volunteers welcome to help recruit!
So the new building is occupy-able, but not yet equipped to shoot monthly matches. That will be in Phase 3. 
Dave discussed new plans to keep 100m target costs down. We will shoot on one sheet instead of two. 
Thank you goes out to Gary and Andy who helped score all the 25m targets, and Dave who helped move benches. Everything ran smoothly, and on time. They will be great additions to the scoring team. 
We discussed keeping the shooting line free of the benches after the matches, as other divisions have requested our support with this. 

38 Shooters total. Great turnout!

Kind Regards,


A great turnout of 13 shooters participated in the 100 meter Big Bore Benchrest match on Nov 7 2015. Ran one round of 60 shots in a 60 minute limit.  We will continue this format in the future. The wind was challenging with wind gust up to 15 mph. We also made a clarification to the hunter class rules reguarding rifle rest. For hunter class only sand filled bags or bi-pods allowed. No metal adjustable front rest permitted. Many winners including overall high score shot 22 cal. Just goes to show you don't have to have big calibers to win. See attached match scores or visit the new Phoenix Air Gun website. Thanks to all who participated and helped set up and clean up. Also, as a reminder next match is Dec 5, 2015.

Dave Litt

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