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  Benchrest Match Report

February 1th, 2014




This month we had an outstanding turn out! Twenty three shooters! 

We highlighted the springer class this month encouraging folks to bring their spring piston rifles in to compete. Well, it turns out that folks really like their PCPs, and want to stay on the dark side despite their spring collections!  This month we backed out the targets to 50 yards.

With the wind kicking up in the afternoon, it sure made for a challenging shoot. What was most surprising was Kat, the spouse of one of our regular shooters, blew the socks off of her husband Steve in the 50 yard match in her FIRST competition.  Yes he will not live that one down. Its exciting to see the landscape change with folks bringing their spouses (and kids too!).  Keyon, a junior who shot this week, shot better than 20% of experienced shooters at 50 yards! Well done!

Next month we are having our state championships! Exciting times! Three months, and the Nationals are here!!!  Be sure to hurry and secure your spot before they sell out or the deadline!!  

Below we have just a few pictures, as the photographer was shooting in the other relay!

If you ever shoot pics, be sure to send em to me so we can get em posted!!!


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