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  Benchrest Match Report

February 7th, 2016




Yet another great windy match. Good lord the wind was relentless. 

This go around we had Andy Picard and Garrett get everything set up.  He spent the evening prior making sure all the targets, and backers were ready for the match.  Bright and early on Game Day (a US holiday) we had a great turnout totaling 37 shooters.  

The 25m match had about three delays for dislodged targets, and backers that decided to want to try out flying.  That was entertaining.   Nothing like holding off in the 5 ring area to make a shot.  What I must say, there were some incredible shooters taking it on.  There are always the shooter that guesses the wind, and there are ones that read the wind and act accordingly. It was a challenge to even break 700. The highest score was only a 707.  It was sustained at 15mph and gusted frequently to 20mph.   Try that on for size. 

This match saw an AoA rifle overall-highest-winner done by Peykan shooting his FX Royale 400 BR. This netted him $250 in cash paid by AoA. 


100 Meter match

A turnout of 8 shooters participated in the 100 meter Big Bore Bench-rest match on Feb. 7, 2016. Ran one round of 60 shots in a 60 minute limit.The wind was a very challenging with wind gust over 20 mph. Temperature much like last month was luke warm by time we started. Much improved considering the morning's cold. Congratulations to all who participated. Please see attached match scores.  Also, visit the new Phoenix Air Gun website. Also, as a reminder next match will be on Sat Mar. 19, 2016. More details to come. Our regular Saturday match is preempted by a different major match. Thanks to all who helped set up and cleaned up. 


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