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   Benchrest Match Report              State Championship

Grand Canyon State Games

March 1th, 2014




So the day started off with some ominous clouds. For several days before the match we expecting it to be one of the five days out of the year that we would get some rain!

Since most rain happens so little here in Arizona, we decided to not postpone the match. 

We had one of the best turnouts ever  for the state championship!  People traveled from all over wild west to participate.  We had over thirty competitors.

This match we switched over from the High Power range to the Smallbore Range. A bigh thank you goes out tm Mark, Kerry, Jeff, Dave and others for helping in building the first phase of benches. This will be the range where we will be holding the Nationals!  So after we got all the shooters registered we started off the first two matches at 50 yards.  Winds were incredible, and the clouds started coming in... Then we got through the forst 25m match, and it started... the rain. We were planning on two 25m matches, but after the downpour, it was put up for a group vote and the participants voted to call the match.  Then, we moved indoors to continue the scoring process.  We had blow dryers, and irons out. Scoring wen pretty well. 

During the scoring, we had our raffle to quell the masses.  We had five rifles for raffle, a scope, lots of shooting gear, and tons of pellets. Wild West Airguns generously donated equipment. There were items purchased from Airguns of Arizona. And, Kirk Haderli donated an LDC.

Wild West Airguns donated to the winners of each class, an Aeon Scope of the winner’s choice.

Highest Junior went to Keyon Beyrami. 



March 1st, 2014


Mar 2014 OP.pdf

Mar 2014 HV.pdf

Mar 2014 SP.pdf

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State Championship / Grand Canyon State Games



Event D - First 50y Match

Event C - Second 50y Match

Event B - 25m Match

Event A - 25m Match Cancelled due to severe weather. 


Winners based on Aggregate score. 


  • -Steve Smith, Disqualified due to crossfire.

  • -Shane Kellar,  DNF

  • -Leslie Humbarger, class changed to Open due to rifle FPE > HV limit.

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