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  Benchrest Match Report

April 5th, 2014




This month again we had 22 shooters! We shot this month on the High Power range, and did 25m . We used our tables from Small bore and we were able to have everyone on one relay.  What a pleasant day.   

Great shooting, as usual. We had four new folks checking out our matches. Quite a few people shot Heavy Varmint this month.  We even had someone show with a LV class rifle. Now that was a rare sight.  If we get more interest in Light Varmint at our range, we will start with that class shooting regularly.  We had some of our die hard shooters shooting their springers with some outstanding scores.  We had some additional folks sign up for the Nationals as well.  Good choices, as registration closes in about 10 days!  It became obvious folks are becoming serious about competing next month.

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