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  Benchrest Match Report

May 2nd, 2015




This was the first match of the warmer months.  We kicked it up an hour to start registration at 0700.  Thanks Dave for handling the sign in process.  We are still working out the kinks with the pre-printed lables.  Looks like a whole lotta folks need remedial bubble-filling training.  In the future matches, we may go back to the match-specific lables we had before, as its easier to make sure it's done right.  An error on the front end means double the time on the back end!

We are now shooting any class shooters choose to participate in, rather than three main classes.  Yes, it thins out the competitor pool for each class, but with our number where they are, it should be ok.

By exactly 0800 we were off and running with the first match!

We had 27 shooters for the 25 meter event.

Thanks to Mark Hommer for being there at 6 to help set up.  Mark Bouchard rolled in a bit laterto help move the benches to the line.  Larry Piercy came in the AoA showcase vehicle.  He brought in water for the shooters, and three dozen donuts that were quickly devoured!  After the shooting, he busted out the air compressor, and filled everyones tank for free!!  Thanks to AoA and Larry for your support!

Of course, wind was really challenging, as seen on the link above.  It was gusting all over the place, up to 11 mph.

With starting so early, we were done with three matches in record time... around 0950!!!  Since we had no scorer to run the machine while we were shooting, Garrett retreated to the shack to start cranking away at the computer.

In the mean time, Dave opened up registration for the 100m match.  Six shooters signed up.  Dave busted out our new 100m targets that's optimized for the 100m benchrest.  It allows for greater visibility for pellet holes at that distance.  Nice job Dave on the design.  The targets are a bit pricy to print, but we'll figure that one out.  A lot of great feedback on them.

At just before noon, everything was wrapping up and scores were announced.  Great job everyone for the outstanding shoot.



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