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  Benchrest Match Report

June 1st, 2013




Today’s match had one of the best turnouts in a while, despite it being the hottest day of the year so far. By the end of the match, the mercury inched its way up to 109F.  Folks began trickling in all morning, and we got started at 0900. We ran two relays. Each alternating.  We finished at about 1230.  We kept our times to a minimum. Our times between matches were streamlined, keeping target exchange times and air up times to a minimum, this allowed us some great effiency and kept us on track.  We shot 25m.  And of course... or friend Aparctias show himself bright and early with gusts ranging up to 17kts, and constant wind from 7-9kts. 

With 18 shooters, 3 cards, and two relays, we had a blast!  We also welcomed some new shooters. Thank you to those who loaned out their gear, and spent quality time with them to teach them the fundamentals, and to get them started.  Thanks to AoA for the goodie bag provided to our shooters today.  We had a Junior showing, and we are seeing some increasing points every time they shoot!  Every match we see a springer or two show... maybe we could host a springer emphasized match in our future?   We talked about a potential night match, an afternoon match (less winds, and /or cooler temps).  

We are excited and working hard developing an industry leading electronic scanning and scoring system. Thanks to the participants today that spent some time working on that data.  One amazing thing about our matches, the stuff that shows up... the raw research and development that our group puts into the sport is amazing. Too Top Secret to post here. Show up and you will see... ;) Two words: Skunk Works.


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