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  Benchrest Match Report

June 6th, 2015




There are some unexplained things going on here in Phoenix.  In June, there has almost never been a day of rain AND mild temps below 150 degrees.  Today was one of those days.


This month the group decided to host the Spring Gun Challenge.  The Spring class was the second most participated class of the event.  We had a whooping five shooters who decided to trace back to their roots and partake in the airgun evolution day, also known as PCP appreciation day...  Also known as the Spring Gun Challenge.  Some say the addicition of PCP is too strong.  We understand.  See the results below.


A day's total of 25 shooters.  Nineteen shooters in the 25m and six in the 100m.  I believe the moisyure scared some away :)  Phoenicians melt in the rain.


 The day started on time with registration opening at 0700, and closing at 0730.  We had a couple of late stragglers, that we were able to still get in before the events started, causing a slight delay.  The competition began just shortly after 0815.  Bob Taylor volunteered his time today to just score for us our new ultra high speed somputer the club just invested in for scoring.  We really nailed it with not a hiccup to be had.  The scoring was done and announced for the 25m before even the 100m event was done registering!  The 25m wrapped up around 1050.  Now that's fast!  The 100m kicked off with six shooters.  Another great turn out.  Shane brought over his new FX Wildcat for us to check out.


Big thanks goes to Dave who volunteered to run the match and not shoot.  We were able to get set up the night before with the help of John Lenio and Ben Spencer who got the tables placed.



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