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  Benchrest Match Report

July 5th, 2014




We transitioned away from the traditional Heavy Varmint, and Open classes we were accustomed to for so long. Due to the recent changes made by the WRABF and USARB regarding rifles that have electronic features, we instead choose to be a club of inclusivity rather than exclusivity.  We have migrated to the Unlimited Class instead of Open, and Hybrid instead of HV.  In the future, if we have at least three members that would like to shoot other classes, we will be more than happy to accommodate them. The drive for Springers is alive and well. This month, a little weak on the showing, but great turn out overall for a holiday weekend. We again had some new folks show up, and did quite well! We started registration at 7am, and shooting started promptly at 0800. We were done way before noon when the temps started to increase, and the breezes started to kick up. Great shoot once again!


For scoring we are going to try something different to compare. Recently with many matches being won with X counts, we were curious to see how the competition would stack up if we scored the targets with decimal scoring rather than whole numbers. i.e. 9.1, 9.9 etc.  see the results below to see.  So a bit of clarification: For a perfect card, it would be a 275, as the scoring system counts a 10.55 as an X. And a perfect bull as an 11. The real difference lies in placement rather than score comparison.

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