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  Benchrest Match Report

August 2nd, 2014




Today's event saw some of the greatest turn out we have ever seen for our monthly local match! Today we had 27 shooters attend! What a great showing. The morning started off with providing a large tin of JSB pellets to each shooter, and that followed up with waters available to all, courtesy of AoA. Greatly appreciated. Mark Buchanan, brought a full arsenal of Rapid Air Weapons to show including the .357 cal. What a hammer! We welcomed Matt, who traveled out from California with his 9 year old son... who by the way scored, I believe, the best Junior score we have ever had... 722-16X... Impressive! And today we also had an impressive record breaking score from Mark Bouchard shooting his spring gun breaking the seven hundred barrier with a score of 702-10X. Congratulations! The springers had a good showing with five competitors. We also welcomed several observers who will be returning next month with newly purchased rifles. There were several new shooters that showed, making the 1 hour trip from Casa Grande to join.  

Matt brought his 30 cal that he shot, and the targets got scored with the 224 overlay in the computer. So, his scores are not counted.

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