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  Benchrest Match Report

September 7th, 2013




Our match today had another great showing.  Conditions were great for the first match, as are again reflected in the scores!  We are proud to see the caliber of shooters that are emerging from our group.  World class. 


We have added a new feature to the reports! Click the link above, and it will take you to the local weather conditions on Event day.  


Our scoring system is progressing. We had one of our members take the reigns on attempting to operate, but experienced some “user error” issues.... like putting the targets in the scanner the wrong way... and some members not removing their staples!!!!  oops! Nonetheless, after working through it, we got em all passed through with outstanding accuracy and efficiency.  The Beta Testing (what that means ... its still in development) phase is going well. Every time we use it, we improve it. We have been very transparent with this process, and in doing so, some only see the difficulties with the system.  So understand, that perceived hiccups are not the whole picture.   Additionally, I know allot of you are interested in seeing what everyone is shooting. This is still a work in progress in the software development.  Thank you for your patience. 


Our photographer did not make the match this round, so we are lacking in the pictures department.




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