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  Benchrest Match Report

September 6th, 2014




We have yet another great turn out today. The morning started off with one of our shooters Dillon, video record our match with a drone flying overhead.  We discussed the plans and schedules for the next 100M match. It looks like a majority of shooters, prefer to shoot two separate matches and not combine the 25m and 100m in the same match.  Instead of starting the 100m at a set time in the afternoon, we will start it right after the 25m ends.  The 25m saw some good conditions, and after we finished around 1030, we took a brake until noon.  This morning Dave tested the new audio command MP3. Its an audio file that starts at the beginning of the match, and plays the correct verbal announcements at diminishing time intervals until the cease fire announcement.  Most shooters suggested we alter that voice, and change it to a sexy female voice. But then we’d be too distracted to shoot.  Thanks Dave!  

At 1pm we started the 100 Meter Benchrest Match.  We shot a total of 60 shots on 12 targets, with 5 shots on each paper.  The total possible score is 600 points, and 60x.  We used the Orion system to score the targets. We used the 10m pistol targets, and scored every target based on a .177 plug.  In the future we will work with Orion to see how we can improve this system for the this particular venue.   Well to say the least, shooting 100 meters is not easy. I chuckle at all the folks posting sub 1” groups with their best shot of the day.  Not at this range! This is arguably the most challenging range in the country.   This is the new big-boy class.  Now that we will be doing this monthly, I am excited to see the evolution of long distance shooting with airguns unfold before us.  Its one thing to get a machine of precision... Its yet another to be able to shoot it in the real world conditions.     The two classes being shot were Precision, and Hunter. See the rules tab for more info.  Well, after a very long day of shooting,   the dedicated participants can put themselves in the history book as having survived the inaugural 100 Meter event with outstanding success! See you next month!

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