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 BR Silhouette Match Report

May 23th, 2014




The Benchrest Silhouette match on Saturday, May 24, 2014 had 10 participants. This was a good turnout considering a holiday weekend. The date was the only Saturday morning available for May. We received emails from shooters that could not participate do to the holiday. Thanks to those that sent emails. We had a few first time shooters. All did well for the first time. The winds were a little gusty at times but overall lite and variable. All benchrest shooting was done using the new benchrest tables. A great addition to the range. 

Some improvements were implemented for the event. Such as better netting to capture the metal animals and marking each bench. The netting was better but needs even more improvement. Should have a solution for the next event. Overall the event ended well with everyone having a great time. 

Match results for Standard Class first place went to Peykan Beyrami with 31 knockdowns. Second place went to Allen Surratt with 28 knockdowns. Third place went to Larry Cofield with 25 knockdowns.

First place for Springer Class went to Warren Bissonnette with 11 knockdowns. Second Place went to Ken Wakefield with 8 knockdowns. Extreme Class first place went to Mark Buchanan with 21 knockdowns. Second place went to Ray Perron with 16 knockdowns. Third place went to Cole Sorensen. Congratulations to all the shooters. Also, a big thanks to to everyone that helped throughout the match and cleaned up.





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