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50 Yard & 75 Yard Benchrest Match Report  

March  19th, 2017



Low turnout, only 10 people for the 50 yard match but it was a fun match. Temps hit the nineties. But as they say...... It's a dry heat. Light winds but as usual a little shifty!

Now for the results.

In the 50 Yard Unlimited class we had 3 shooters.

3rd place went to Gary Moore with a 542-2X's. What was Gary shooting that sounded like a machine gun? Nailing second was Dave Litt with a 655-10X's. 11 points higher with the devils score of 666 and the unlucky number 13X's Allen Surratt Pitch Forks 1st place.

In the 50 Yard Open class we had 7 shooters. Your cool match director (Andrew Picard) took third place with a 667 and highest X count of 15. Anthony Turchetta took second beating ME by one point shooting a 668 and only 5X's. Anthony, I had 3 times more X's than you. I still think X's should be worth more than 10 points. Ok call me a sore loser, I guess I'm not so cool after all. I gotta figure a way to get the fix in. Oh wait a minute!!!!! That's right!!!! I did the scoring!!!!! I guess I'm a little slow........ Anthony you wait till next time!!!!!!! Destroying the rest of us, taking first with a huge twenty point margin was Scott Seyler with a 688 and 13X's. Scott that could be a record high!

The 75 yard match also showed a low turnout of 5 shooters.

Anthony Turchetta took third with a 566 and 9X's. With 10 more points Scott Seyler took second with a 576 and 16X's. 13 points higher was Ray Perron with a 589 and 13X's. Ray was the only medal winner not present to collect his reward. Hhhhhhmmmmmm what to do what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all we had a fun morning of doing what we enjoy!!!! Thanks to all who participated.

Our next match was supposed to be April 16th. Unfortunately that is Easter Sunday and the range is closed. I am looking to see if there is another date available. I will keep you posted.

See attachments for the rest of the scores.

Your still cool Match Director

Andrew Picard

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