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50 Yard & 75 Yard Benchrest Match Report  

May  21st, 2017




Ok folks it's that time again. Comfortable  weather!!!!!!!! Maybe,,,,,,,, maybe not!!!!!! So far predicted high of 99 degrees with winds NNE 6 mph gusts to 8 mph. Now keep in mind we have changed the format and therefore we will not be shooting the 50yd benchrest match. The 50yd match is now being held on the first Saturday of each month along with the 25m benchrest  match. So, the 25m match is now twice a month. The change in format is due to availability of volunteers for all matches going forward should you ask. We have not given up any matches but only trying to keep the same level of matches each month. 

The new lineup of benchrest matches will be 25 meter ( 3 cards or targets ), 75 yd ( 1 target 40 min. match ) and 100 yd ( 1 target 40 min match ). The 25m and 75yd will be ran at the same time. The 100yd match will follow the 75 yd match. The 75yd match will be split into two 20 min segments and ran concurrent with 1st and 2nd cards of the 25m match. Practice for the 100m match will run concurrent with the 3rd card of the 25m match. The100m will start after completion of the 25m match. So, you will have to choose 25m or 75yd for the first match.

Also, if you are shooting the 75yd and or 100m match it is suggested you select a bench on the right half of the range.


7:30 am - Practice. Hot and Cold range time will alternate every 15 min to 10 min. respectively.

8:00 am - Registration ends.

8:30 am -  25m match start. Also, the first half of the 75yd match.

9:00 am -  25m second card match start and final half of 75yd.

9:40 am -  25m third card match start and 100m practice start.

10:00 am - 100m match start. ( 40 min non-stop ) 

Scoring of the 75yd match will be done during the 3rd card of the 25m match. We will scan all targets for the 25 meter match after all three cards have been shot. This will shorten the time between cards. However, this will extend the wait time for 25m scores.Thus delaying review and protest time. You may wait for results or see the results when emailed out. Scoring of the 100m match and remaining 75yd match targets will follow completion of the 100yd match. We are looking for volunteers to assist with scoring. If you or know someone please contact me, Garrett, Dave or Gary. So come prepared and have a great time.

This is your "make it so" match director,

Andrew C Picard Match Director

25m-75yd-100m Air Gun Becnchrest
Phoenix Airgun Club

Air Gun Division 

Equipment List 50 Yard
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