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Benchrest Match Report

25m & 50y & 75y & 100m  

June 17th, 2018





So what else is new! Tuff shooting in today's wind's. Unpredictable airflow in all directions!!!!!! Yes I muttered a few words and heard some muttering down the line. Some louder than others. As I have said in the past the wind is a great equalizer. At least we all know we can only go up from today's scores (hopefully).


Well here goes!! Starting with 25m Open Class,shooting his first time with us is Bob Sykes taking 4th place with a very respectable 659 with 8 X's. 3rd went to another new shooter is Robert Helms with also with a very respectable score of 698 and 11 X's. 2nd place goes to Dennis Breen with a 703 and 8 X's. Top honors goes to Dave Litt with a 711 and 8 X's.


For 25m Heavy Varmint Ben Spencer took 5th with a 693 and 9 X's. I understand he may have been muttering the loudest! 4th place went to Freya Breen with a 706 and 16 X's! Placing 3rd was our very own RO (Range Officer) was Allen Surratt shooting a 714 and 12 X's! Our friendly Anthony Turchetta took 2nd with a 719 and high X count for the day with 23 X's! Anthony muttered some words to me in the scoring shack when he found out I (your squeaky clean MD) took 1st only 3 points better with a 721 (overall high score) and 19 X's. See Anthony, I keep saying X's should count for at least 1 more point but nooooooo everybody wants to keep X's as a tiebreaker only.


Ok now for the 50y match. There were only 2 shooters. Dan Fujimagari shooting Unlimited Class shot a 661 with 12 X's and our favorite tank filler upper Chuck Woosley bravely shooting in Springer Class shooting a 440 with 2 X's.


Well that's all I got. Dave will be getting out the scores for the 75 and 100 yard matches.


See you next month!


See attached files for score breakdowns.


Andrew C Picard

Match Director for 25m 50y 75y 100y

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