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       50 Yard 75 Yard Benchrest Match Report

July 17th, 2016




Our July match had a light turnout probably due to the heat however that did not stop a new 50 yard open class USA record. Sorry Allen, one month just doesn't seem right! Allen set the record last month only to have Dave Litt take it this month with winds ranging from 7-12 mph and gusts to 18 mph! Dave shot a  696 and 13 X's. Nice shooting Dave! In the 75 yd match Allen Surratt took first place with the highest score yet of 577 and 10 x's. Great shooting Allen!. Yours truly did not shoot as I was still recovering from the beating I took from the disgruntled air-gunners who convinced me to have a July and August match. I hope to be healed for the next match.

Andrew C Picard
Match Director 50 & 75 Yard Air Rifle Benchrest.
Phoenix Airgun Club


Equipment List
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