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      50 Yard & 75 Yard Benchrest Match Report  

August 21st, 2016




As I was busy in the scoring shack I am not able to comment on the shooting conditions other than it was sunny and warm. Thank you Garrett for stepping up and taking Dave's spot. 

For the 50 Yard match Open Division our Division Director Garrett Kwakkestein took top honors with a Club Record breaking 713 (18 x's) with Paul Biedler taking 2nd spot with a 675 (9 x's) and Van Tucker in 3rd just one point down with a 674 (20 x's).

We only had one shooter each in the Heavy Varmint and Springer classes. For Heavy Varmint we had Michael Schesinger with a 674 (11 x's) and in Springer we had Chuck Woosley with a 490 (4 x's).

For the 75 Yard Match taking 1st with a Club Record breaking 596 (11 x's) Allen Surratt. For 2nd and 3rd we had a tie for score with a 582 but Larry Nelson had 13 x's to Ben Spencer's 10 x's.

Nice shooting everyone!

Andrew C Picard
Match Director 50 & 75 Yard Air Rifle Benchrest.
Phoenix Airgun Club


Note: Thanks to Andy for sacrificing the shoot today so he could focus on scoring and running the match.  

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