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Phoenix Benchrest         25m Regional           Invitational 2021


March  5 - 6 - 2021

Greeting shooters,


The Phoenix Air Gun Club wants to thank all the shooters that competed in the Benchrest 25m Regional Invitational 2021 for making one of the best benchrest events since Covid. The first match was the most challenging with wind gust reported over 20 miles an hour. As we can all recall, many target stands were blown over. There was some great shooting in spite of the wind conditions. As with any event, unexpected things can and does happen. As you all know the award ceremony was unable to finish. Unfortunately, due to a recent software upgrade issues discovered by our scoring official,  forced the review and correction of over 2500 shots. This took overall about 7 hours, which was completed well past the end of the event. Attached is the final results of all the classes. An apology is in order for those awarded before the final results were completed as some of you may have the wrong medals. With that being said all awards will be made available at every coming match for those winners to receive their award medals. Please check the PAC website calendar for coming match dates. So, again thank you for your patience,understanding  and lots of great shooting.


Congratulations to all !!


Phoenix Airgun Club


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