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  Benchrest Match Report

  New 25 Meter & 50 Yard

May 6th, 2017



Greetings Shooters,


This month and here on out, we decided to try something a bit different in the line up of matches.  Instead of hosting the 25 and 100 on the same day, and the 50 and 75 on another, we will be changing the line-up to shooting the 25m and the 50Y ON THE FIRST WEEKEND OF THE MONTH. Then, on the Third weekend's Sunday, we will be hosting "Big-Bore Sunday". We'll shoot both the 75y and the 100m on that day.  Not to completely dismiss the fun of shooting 50 yards, we'll be rotating that into the mix on the third Sundays at the discretion of the match director. 


The plan for this Saturday is a early summer start time. We'll shoot the 25m, and immediately following, we'll go right into the 50 yard match.  It will be considered a second match, so second match fees apply. 


Our new target stands have returned from the powder coater and are ready to use! Big thanks and shout-out goes to Mr. Bouchard, who painstakingly welded all these together for the club and donated many hours doing so. And... to Dave Litt who donated the use of his trailer to the club for them to be kept on. 

With the new stands we will be using for the 25m, there needs to be a group effort and participation in unloading these and loading them onto our trailer.  So in the morning, we will have all able bodied shooters line up on the 25m line to pull the stands off, as the trailer moves down the line. The same goes for the cleanup after.  

With the use of the stands, we will all be shooting on the 25m line. 

The 50 yard match will immediately start after the 25 finishes, in order to expedite time efficiency. 

Sign-up for both will be done first thing in the morning. 

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