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  Benchrest Match Report

July 2nd, 2016


Today we had a great match. Turnout was slightly less than normal, but to be expected for a holiday weekend. Early in the morning we were greeted by a friendly little snake that decided to visit us. It decided to hide under the red trashcan by the target backers. What a pleasant surprise. I have never seen a person jump up in the air so fast, and scream just like a 12 year old at a Justin Bieber concert. Yeah, that someone was me. 
Winds were quite up there today. I believe max gust was at 12 mph.  It sure made for a great shoot.

We had some folks interested in learning the scoring process. So we took some extra time to explain it at the end and show the details of how we ensure accuracy. The match ended pretty early, at about 9:45, so folks had enough time to get back to their families. We thank Larry from AoA for bringing the PAD van and staying to fill everyone's tanks. We are sorry to hear what happened to your rifle.  The sound of a dropping rifle is one that makes anyone cringe, then cry. 

See you all next time.

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