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 Field Target Match Report

December 10th, 2016


Well today's Field Target match had a great showing. Not only by the count of shooters that actually shot but also by the number that came to observe and learn the sport. We did miss the shooters that planned to make it from out of state, but couldn't. It's the thought that counts. 
The weather was literally perfect. Nuff said on that. 
This round we set up thirty targets, on ten lanes, totaling 60 shots! It was an awesome full day of shooting. We started at 0930. Garrett came out Friday to set up for a couple hours, and and was the first to arrive at 0615 to continue the set up. Thanks to William for helping dial in the sight in area. A shout out also goes out to Wayne Reynolds for his help with cleaning the range after the match. With 30 targets, it took a bit more time this round. 
The match ended with a tie for hunter first place between Wayne and Allen. We set up the large 3/8ths inch target at 22 yards and moved it slowly forward. At about 17 yards Wayne cinched the win. Good all around representation of classes, but Hunter took the lead over Unlimited this time. There were two die hards shooting Spring. 
We talked about the Nationals, and how things are unfolding. We are working really hard behind the scenes to lay out the plans. 
On another exciting note, our Air compressor has finally arrived! With some incredible donations from AoA and Daystate, we proudly have one of the best compressor in the Southwest. It was a year's work to get it custom built and sent, but our patience payed off. Now we just need to get it installed. More on that later. Barry might help us with that! 
So until next time... clear your calendar for the second weekend of January! There are only five more matches left in the season, so you definitely want to get your licks in before the Nats!

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