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 Field Target Match Report

January 14th, 2017


Today’s Field Target Match was an extreme success!  The weather was threatening, but the overcast kept the shooters cool and shaded.  Just after the match the clouds opened and moistened the desert landscape. Stunning scenery when the clouds roll through the desert.  Temps were comfortable for t-shirts. Garrett came out on friday and spent about four hours dressing the area, setting up new target platforms, and setting up targets. We set up thirty targets this time for a full day of shooting.  The match started at 0930. Folks started to arrive around 0715 for sight-in.  Twenty one shooters join us today for a full course.  Shooters were paired up in twos. We had a shooter from Diablo Rod and Gun in California come out to join. But the prize for distance traveled went to Tony Belas from Daystate come out from UK to join us.  He decided to hop on his personal jet to join us for the morning shoot.  In addition, Giles Barry joined him to write up a story  and do a video piece about our range, which should be out in a few weeks. There were a handful of new shooters that joined us as well. We saw about a handful of folks that came to check things out but not shoot… yet!  We had two forced position shots, one kneeling and the other forced standing.  Quite a few shooters commented on how those shots always keep one humble.   The match ended around 2pm, just in time for the Rio membership annual meeting and dinner.  The Troyer for today’s match was 27.76.  See the breakdown below. Some folks departed early and didn’t receive their medals!  Thanks to those that offered to help clean up, but the looming rain decided to open up just after, so we stopped.  Jeff Snyder came out on Sunday and helped Garrett clean up. Great times!

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