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 Field Target Match Report

December 12th, 2015




It rarely rains in Arizona, but when it does, it’s always around an airgun match.  The match was threatened by moisture, but held back by the sheer determination of the springers today. We had a good turnout of 10 shooters despite the threat.  The surprise showing was the number of dedicated spring shooters that participated! We had a total of six. This shows how popular the spring gun class is becoming around here.  We have some really dedicated to the class. Here is the irony, we had only one Open class shooter, three Hunter PCP, and six Hunter Springers!  Usually that matrix is the opposite way!
The new sight-in area was to the East of the building. we were able to set up an area 55 yards deep and about 3 -4 yards wide
So due to the weather threat, we anticipated a weak showing, so we set up only five stations, with two targets at each. the shooters cycled through the stations twice, for a 40 shot total. The competition was fierce among the springs with no shortage of smack talkin'.  Everyone present really had a blast. It seemed all participants certainly enjoyed themselves.  The temps were a bit on the cooler side, but not unmanageable. Nobody went home with frostbite, heatstroke, or bullet holes. Anytime you get those results, its a good shoot. We had quail running around the area, and quail targets. I had to convince the shooter i was paired up with, that the ones running around, aren’t targets.
The days just after a rainstorm are the best… no wind, no sunburns, and the desert mesquite aroma is like the perfume of the desert.  Perfect day of shooting.
Big thank you goes out to Ben for showing up at 0630 to help set up, and to the Reynolds brothers, and William for helping tear down and pack up.


For Pictures, visit our website.  Just give us a bit to get them posted. 



Kind Regards,




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