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 Field Target Match Report

Feburary 21st, 2015




The day was a beautiful as ever can be imagined.  Slight overcast burned off later to a nice sunny day with temps in the mid 70's.

Thanks goes out to our volunteers that showed up at 0700 to help set up: Ray Perron, Justin Tassinari, Jon Marin, Dave, and Kerry.  Kerry acted as Match Director and sacrificed  his day of shooting to ensure the range ran properly and safe.  Dave departed to get the BR Silhouette range set up for the afternoon's shoot.  We erected canopies on some of our lanes to give a little reprieve from the sun for our sensative shooters.  This will give continue to do.  We debuted our mobile tree-simulator magnetic target holder that we can place near trees, and be environmentally sensitive to the environment, while not drilling holes in the trees just to remove the target hours later. We will try and get a pic next time out.

We had a great time.  The terrain features are a new challenge for some shooters that are used to a clear path to the targets.  At this range, we are simulating a hunting environment, and the shot may be a challenge to find.  We have shooting boxes ( 12'x12' ), and while you are sitting in the area, the target is visible from somewhere within that box.  Your challenge is to find that clear shot!  You may have to kneel, stand, or just hold real still to get right through the brush in that tight area.  This match we brought the targets in a little bit with aall of the targets being less than 35 yards away.  Even with that distance, we still had a Troyer of 30 which is on the top end of moderate.  Lane number one was a forced standing.  As the scores reflected nobody came close to cleaning the course.  Subjectively, most of the shooters felt comfortable with the difficulty level.

Our only tie was between Tony and Peykan in Pistol.  Peykan took first place as Tony seceded the win, as he had to leave and not participate in a shoot out.


Doughnuts and beverages were brought by Larry Piercy, a big thank you shout-out goes to him.  What a great shoot.  We wrapped things up by noon, and enjoyed the afternoon cleaning up and exploring future options.  We just couldn't get away from the perfect weather.


The winners are listed below, and the remainder of placement is in the PDF below.



1  Larry Piercy                   33             Daystate CRX .20

2  Mark Kauffman            31             TM 1000

3  Len Tlapa                       27             Daystate CRX

4  Garrett Kwakkestein  22              Steyr LG 110

5  Al Jacks                         16               Daisy

6 Kerry Boehmer              DNS



1  Wayne Reynolds           25              Daystate Huntsman

2  Mike Braunstein           24              CZ200

3  Ray Perron                     11              AA FTP 900



1  Peykan Beyerami          30              FWB

2  Tony Taraszka                30              Mrod Pistol 22 ( forefit shoot-off )

3  Robert Buchanan          22              unk



Kyle Turley                      10              Steyr LG110           1st JR Open

Keyon Beyrami               23              AA Alpha                 1st JR Pistol

Ian Buchanan                 12              unk                            1st JR Hunter

Justin Tassinari               3              FTP 900                   2nd JR Hunter










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