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 Field Target Match Report

March 21st, 2015




The day’s match started out with perfect weather by the indication of the locals needing a jacket with temps in the 60’s. That quickly went away as the sun inched it’s way up the horizon. 

Set up started around 6:45 with Garrett, Kerry, Ray Perron and the big green assault vehicle. Dave got the sign-in going at just around 8:00. Setup was complete around 8:15. Just afterwards, the sight in range opened. Just about that time Larry Piercy from Airguns of Arizona came rolling in with two dozen donuts and an ice chest full of water for all. He brought the brand new Daystate air compressor to debut. The big news of the day was that Airguns of Arizona was covering everyone’s entry fee for the match. They have been reaching out to the grass roots of the competitive shooting community with their new Mobile Airgun Showcase and Support Vehicle aka “The MASSV”.  (Yes, I just just made that term up.)  Then, at the end of the match, everyone was able to get their tanks topped off for free. 


After the shooters signed in, they were able to sight in their rifles. Sign-in and sight-in ended at 9:00 and we had the morning brief. Lanes were assigned and off we went, on time at 9:30


There were a total of 20 competitors competing in today’s match. Showing was a little light, due to our Silhouette match happening in the afternoon, and folks wanted to “save their energy” for that match.  Interestingly, we had a good number of pistol shooters.  It looks like we had a great cross-over from the pistol community here. 

Everyone was sent off in pairs to each of the ten stations.  

The set up was the usual two targets for rifle shooters, and the one 10m target for the pistol folks that they had four opportunities to shoot. 

Here at this range, our set up is a bit different than some are used to. We have 10 shooting stations. Each of those shooting areas are roughly 10 ft x 10 ft.  Within that area, the targets are visible from somewhere within that box. That’s your job as a hunter... is to find it. Of course, it’s easy to follow the string. But, both the targets may not be visible from one spot or position.  Yes, it may take some greater effort, but it adds to the variability of the match.  The great part, is that there is no need to declare a Forced Position. You discover it with whatever means is necessary to take the shot. 

The match ended with a tie for first place between Larry, and Garrett. both scoring 35/40. A shoot out ensued, (Not at each other of course) and Garrett took first place in Open after two shots in the tie breaker.  Wayne Renyolds took first in Hunter. John Dunnock took first in Hunter Spring, and Peykan Beyrami took first in Pistol.

Activities and awards ended at around 12:30. 


Unfortunately, this month we don’t have any pictures.


See the full results, and a list of equipment below!






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