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 Field Target Match Report

March 12th, 2016




Today's match was one that people can only imagine. We had all ten stations up. Perfect weather. Spring flowers blooming! Some of most beautiful times in the Sonoran desert are during March. The wildlife was in abundance today.   Perfect shooting conditions. Wind was negligible.  We had a record turnout of shooters today!  Everyone who showed up truly had a great time!  Big thanks to everyone that helped clean up.  Especially of note, Larry Nelson brought his golf cart from home, and assisted in the set up and clean up of today's event. He also raked and helped maintain the trail and shooting stations. My hat's off to him.  Dave thanks for getting out of bed to help with the flood of sign-ups this morning.   

This time, we moved the sight in area to the South side of the building, rather than the East side.  

In a surprising turn out, we had 50% of our shooters shooting in the Unlimited Class. This turning out to be a real success. Some groups call this Freestyle, others call it Unlimited, but thanks to Ray for his suggestion to re-name this class to OFC  (Old Fart Class).  People really like this class.  Springers are still showing a strong turn out with 25% of today's attendees participating in this class. 

We are looking forward to April and nearing the end of our outstanding season. Then, its time to support our friends, and head up north to shoot in the pines with the Airgunners. 





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