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 Field Target Match Report

May 16th, 2015






The morning started early for those who set up the range at 5:30.  Rain was threatening for the day, but it was sure to be a great day according to the weather reports. It was pouring all night. As the morning came, it was one of the most beautiful days ever here at the range! The moisture brought out all the scents in the desert, the cotton-ball clouds kept the sun at bay making absolutely awesome shooting conditions. 

Considering it was raining all night, i am sure to say that kept the shooters at home. A few brave souls came out, and it paid off big time. With the small numbers, it made for a very very relaxed shooting environment.  I believe there was more chatting than shooting!  It sure was a nice break away from the bustle and time crunch of the other matches we are accustomed to. 

Field target is a the perfect venue to get to know the folks on your team. 

A wise man once said that the small turnouts on occasion make for the best shoots. I believe that now.


Next month we are turning the reigns over to the Airgunners of AZ for their shoots up in Flagstaff.  We will head up there to support them during these summer months. We will resume FT here at Rio back in September / October for the EBR, and then in Oct for our monthly matches to resume agin. 







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