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Welcome to Airgun Benchrest!

So now you are the proud new owner of your beautiful air rifle. Or, you are a long time owner looking to enjoy the sport a bit more and you would like to participate in a forum to shoot, to be around like-minded people, spend some quality time with your children, while enjoying the art and science of shooting.  

                                                                                 Well, here is the place.  Welcome.



What you need to get started...


● First of all, an air rifle.  In order to compete, you need either a .177, .20, or.22 caliber air rifle. It can either be a spring type, or the newer PCP style.   A .25+ caliber or greater is not eligible to compete in 25 Meter, but can in 100 Meter. If it’s a PCP style, it will have to be able to fire a minimum of 25 consecutive rounds without the need to fill (but not in 100M). 


● Your favorite ammo. You will be shooting at least 75 rounds in the competition portion. Practice shots are relatively unlimited in number.


● A mounted scope is highly recommended. It is not required to shoot, however it will be nearly impossible to see the bull without one. Minimum suggested power recommendations are 20x + to get a good visual. However shooters have been known to shoot with 12x. Print out the target here  and see if what you have works.  This is a very popular scope.


● You will need safety glasses, and they must be kept on at all times. Sunglasses are acceptable if polycarbonate, avoid glass. 


● Hearing protection is recommended at Rio Salado, however, since there is no powder burners on the line during the competition, things are very quiet.  They have plugs at the range for a nominal fee at the Main Range. 


● You must be 18 years old to shoot without parental supervision present. We certainly encourage children to be a part of the fun!  The minimum age is six  


● A Benchrest, or sandbag of some type.  We have a few available to get you started. Bipods are allowed during competition.  Be aware that your benchrest must NOT clamp your gun into it.  It can only rest on it. See rules for one-piece limitations. 


● Get yourself a cheap stapler so you can hang your own targets with efficiency. Masking tape is available, a stapler may be borrowed from a fellow shooter if need be. 


● The fees are $15 to participate per person.  If you are a Member of Rio Salado range, the fees are $10. 


● Targets: We will provide the targets you will use for the competition.  You may bring your own targets to use for practice before the competition. We will be firing at 25 and / or 50 yards. On occasion, we will be shooting silhouettes. 


● Air: We have spare air available to fill your PCP. So no need to bring your hand pump. 


● Rules: take a look at the rules under the Benchrest tab for detailed competition information.  Everyone 

gets safety briefed on the rules of the range prior to getting started.  You are responsible to make sure your rifle meets the class restrictions.  You can still shoot if it doesn't, however you are not eligible for medal qualifications.  If you have any questions email us from the About tab above, and we’ll be more than happy to answer them! 


● Water is available, but its advisable to bring your own refreshments.  Sodas are available at the range office. 


● The range is covered. Seating is available but limited when not shooting. Meet us at the Small Bore range.  See the Benchrest tab for more details. 


Please remember, our goal is to encourage the development of the sport, and not to discourage, intimidate, or simply scare away new or potential members.  When you show up for the first time you can expect to be paired with an experienced member, who will show you the ropes, and guide you to becoming  a successful marksman.  Remember we strongly encourage participation with the younger generation.  Bring your kids, and share your passion!



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