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Phoenix Invitational                 2017

March 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2017


Greetings shooters, 
      On March 9, 10, 11 and 12th the Phoenix Air Gun Club hosted the annual Bench-Rest Open Invitational event. Thursday the 9th was dedicated to setup, practice and sight-in. The event started on Friday with the 75yd Bench-Rest match followed by the 100 meter match. The weather was great with light and variable winds and occasional mysterious gust.  In fact the whole weekend was the same. On Saturday the 25m match started about 8:30 am. New target stands were used for the first time for 25m match as well as the 75yd and 100m matches. A big big thanks goes to Mark Bouchard for all his hard work building the new target stands and having them ready for the matches. Also a big thanks to all those volunteers that came out on Wednesday afternoon prior to the event to help prepare and set up the new target stands on the range. We can now look forward to always shoot at 25 meters. Lunch followed serving Subs, chips, drinks and cookies. A big thanks to David Hartsock and all the volunteers that helped with serving lunch. After lunch began the 50 yd BR match. Match ended around 2:30 pm. Scores were posted with targets and reports on the whaling wall after completion of each match. Sunday was a repeat with awards presented afterwards. A Big thanks to Cole Sorensen, Bob Sullivan, Paul Biedler, Roy Gager, Dale Anderson, Andy Picard and others for a great job on all the scoring duties.  If anyone was missed please accept our apologize and a big thanks. And last but not least congratulations to all the shooters and a big thanks to all those that helped with clean-up.


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