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The 2024 World Field Target Championship is coming to Rio Salado in November of 2024! This is the first time that Rio has seen a World Championship in any capacity, and we are excited for the support and dedication Rio has in supporting this event and welcoming travelers from all over the world to join us. Up to five hundred competitors will be descending upon this event to compete for the title of World Field Target Champion in airgun marksmanship.

The Airgun Division at Rio is one of the world’s premier airgun marksmanship ranges.  Considered a Tier-One club, we are dedicated and excited to providing an international platform for airgun shooters to demonstrate their extraordinary marksmanship skills. This event features three days of intense competition, with over one hundred and fifty targets, it's sure to bring out the best.  

The Airgun Division, is proud to have over 42 countries from around the world eligible to compete in this WFTF event. This is a truly global event, and we look forward to providing a competitive environment for the best field target shooters in the world.

We look forward to seeing you at Rio Salado in early November 2024. 

Safety is a priority during any airgun marksmanship event. All guns must be unloaded when not in use and empty breech indicators are required when the rifle is in a carrier. Air guns for this event are set at the international standard of only 12 foot pounds of energy.  When evaluating safety downrange, however at 55 yards the energy drops to less than 4 FPE. A fraction of shotgun, or even archery.  To additionally ensure no one is potentially  in the line of fire, all other areas of the range will be empty during competition is taking place. By following these safety guidelines, everyone can enjoy the event in a safe and secure environment.

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