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10m Air Pistol Has Joined the Airgun Division

As of May 1st, Bullseye Air Pistol will now be merged into the Airgun Division here at Rio Salado. What this means is that now the Phoenix Airgun Club has just officially added pistol shooting to its arsenal of events.

We are excited to bring onboard the Air Pistol shooters to join the rest of the airgun family here at the range. This unification will allow us to align the needs of the airgun shooters here at the range and position ourselves to streamline decisions, purchases, and planning that that will only strengthen airgun shooting as a whole.

This now brings our monthly airgun matches up to a total of TEN per month.

We are looking forward to adding Airgun Pistol to our website, and offering the pistol shooters a home they can refer to for match reports, shooting information, pictures, announcements, and archives.

The future is bright for the pistol shooters, as well as indoor benchrest. We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop the new building and investing the numerous private donations, and funds allocated by the range to bring you the finest Airgun shooting facility in the southwest.

We appreciate your patience and support with the new building. Rio Salado understands the value of airgun shooters and the tireless dedication and support of the sport is reflected by the belief of "doing it right" when it comes to the development of the building.

We look forward to a strong future, and extend a sincere "welcome".



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