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NEW Air Compressor READY!

As many of you know, we have been working on a getting and installing a compressor here at the range for about a year.

We have worked very hard to secure the finest air compressor a club could have. This took time, patience, fundraising, and fortitude to bring you the BEST product out there.

With the help of you the competitor, in addition to the following people, donors, and organizations, we have put together the most incredible fill station a club could possibly dream of.

We are announcing that starting this Saturday, after the matches, we will be opening up for fills from our brand new station.

The fills will only be $5 for members, and $7 for non members (exempt for major-event registrants). We will collect this at the time of fill. These fill fees will go towards the Airgun Division, and help fund the maintenance of the compressor, and keep our division sustainable and able to focus on the next major hurdle...

How are the logistics of this going to work? After the match clean-up, we will head up to the New Airgun Building (OETC) with the designated "Air Filler", and get everyone's tank topped off.

We have two "Go-to" Air Fillers that are checked off and responsible for the after-match operations of the compressor. Both Chuck Woosley, and Gary Moore have committed to volunteering to be the designated go-to people to handle your fills. They are going to make every effort, for either one of them to be at each one of our many monthly matches to handle your air needs. Please be sure to make sure your tank is not expired, as by law, we won't be able to fill expired tanks.

This incredible machine can pump out a whopping 265 liters per minute! We can hook up FIVE 4500psi tanks simultaneously and top them off in just a few minutes!!! Shhhh. Don't tell the guys at AoA that we can fill the tanks quicker than they can!!! :)

There are so many people who made this possible.

We would like to recognize and thank:

- Robert of Airguns of Arizona for his major contribution to making this happen.

- Daystate Inc. for their incredible contribution and donation

- Barry Diehl for his incredible professional electrician skills and donating a tremendous amount of time for the pro installation

- Todd at Airguns of Arizona for his time and consulting with the operational elements of the compressor.

- Dave for designing the workbench

- Mark Bouchard for welding the bench together

- Chuck for his wood working skills for the bench

- Gary for assisting Barry on the install.

- Ed and Marrow (the range maintenance employees) assisting and contributing a lot of personal time and equipment with the install.

-Billy for his patience

And to the many VIP Airgun Division members that made significant earmarked donations and financial contributions to the Airgun Building (OETC) development. (their names are placarded inside the building)

We appreciate everyone's patience seeing this through. I know it took a while, but it was well worth the wait!

Thank you,


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