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The Sonoran Desert FT Grand Prix



Troyer Rating

Red Course: 30.3      Yellow Course: 29.6      Pistol Course: 32.3

GP Match results 4-13 & 14-2019.jpg


Friday April 12th: Sight-in 0800-1700

Saturday, April 13th:

Sight-in and Registration: 0700-0830

Safety and Match Brief: 0830

Match Start 0900

Catered Lunch: 1300

Pistol Match 1430 

Sunday, April 14th:

Sight-in: 0700-0830

Safety and Match Brief: 0830

Match Start: 0900

Awards: 1300 

2015-04-07 at 08-24-02.jpg

Rifle Field Target:

Saturday and Sunday

Red Course

13 Lanes

2 Targets per lane, totaling 26 Targets

52 Shots

Max 3 Shooters per squad

Yellow Course

13 Lanes 

2 Targets per lane, totaling 26 Targets

52 Shots

Max 3 Shooters per squad

Green Course - PISTOL

12 Lanes 

2 Targets per lane, totaling 24 Targets

48 Shots

Max 3 Shooters per squad

Each shooter is responsible for knowing the latest AAFTA rules.  


Competitor Classes:



Open PCP & Spring

Hunter PCP & Spring

WFTF PCP & Spring





Please fill out form below

Scheduled for Saturday Afternoon

Match Fee: $20

Please Pay via PayPal below. 

Classes: Hunter or Limited ... AAFTA award rules apply


Medals will be presented for First through Third Place

Match Details

Forced Positions: There will be one lane standing and one lane kneeling lane for each day. 

Shooting order:  There will be two targets per lane.  The shooting order is NEAR TO FAR.  

Timers:  There may be timers at each lane.  They will be set at 5 minutes.  The shooter is to initiate the timer according to AAFTA rules.  Any shots not fired within the 5 minute timeframe will be counted as a miss. 

Range Safety Highlights


You MUST wear Safety Glasses AT ALL TIMES WHLILE ON THE RANGE.  This is a range requirement and is non negotiable.  Hearing protection is optional. 

There is a limited supply at the main office for purchase, but no guarantee. Bring your own. 

Your airgun MUST have an Empty Breech Indicator in place at all times your rifle is not shouldered and pointed down range.  We will provide them for you, or you can bring your own.   We take safety VERY seriously here at this range. Infractions may lead to your disqualification.   Unsportsmanlike behavior is absolutely not accepted. You will be asked to leave if you behave in a disruptive manner.  All safety decisions are final that are made by the Match Director.  You are responsible to review the Rio Salado Safety Rules listed in the Terms on the registration form.  You will be held accountable for these rules.   We will discuss this again at all the safety briefings.

For Springer rifles, there are different ways to demonstrate a safe rifle on the range. For break-barrels, cracking the barrel is acceptable.  Casing a rifle is another form of safety indication. For under/side-lever rifles, inserting a wooden dowel or safety cord through the barrel is acceptable. Your rifle is not to be cocked in order to be compliant. 



There will be restrooms located inside the airgun building.


We will have two club air tanks available. We'll fill your tanks for you for free. Make sure they are hydro'ed within 5 years and the tank is not older than 15 years.  


Everyone will get baseball caps! 


Your entry includes catered lunch after the match on Saturday.  We are anticipating BBQ brisket !!

Confirmed Registration List as of Apr 3rd 


Tony Starr Unlimited

Doug Timm Open

Son Lu  WFTF

Dallas Anderson  Hunter

Bobby Corcorran  Open

Sandy Corcorran  Open

Hector Alfaro  Open

Mike Smith  Hunter

Al Padilla  Hunter

Dana Wyse  Open

Vicente Pacheco  Open Spring

Rizalde Marquez WFTF

Mike Niksch  WTF

Jessica Kerndt  WFTF Spring

Cameron Kerndt  WFTF Spring

Catherine Kwakkestein  Hunter

Mark Catlin  WFTF

Greg Glover  Hunter

Lauren Parsons  WFTF

Peter Brooks  WFTF

Neil Younggren  WFTF

Larry Piercy  Open

Carl Forrey  Hunter

Barry Diehl  Hunter

Van Tucker  Unlimited

ScottHull Open Spring

Kelly Hawe  Open

Dan Fujimagari  Hunter

Ed Brockway  Hunter

Bill Corder  WFTF

Anthony Turchetta  Hunter

Bill Howarth Open

Garrett Kwakkestein  Open

*pistol interest

Register Here

Use the Paypal link below, then fill out the registration form. Email confirmation should be sent to you for each form. Please make sure you received a confirmation email for both payment and registration separately. If you didn't, please resubmit registration form, and / or check for your PayPal payment confirmation, or shoot us a email.

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